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Schaum Theory Lessons, Bk. 2

Schaum Theory Lessons, Bk. 2

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Manufacturer Part #:  029156991444

It's clean and clear, easy to teach and easy to understand. The Schaum theory books have helped countless students to learn the nitty-gritty of the music in their books, and with the attractive revisions, the process has become easier. Continuing the format established in Book One, the re-engraved pages are highlighted in red to help the student focus at a glance at the feature of each lesson. Perforated pages provide the teacher with a variety of ways to utilize the book. Good for any age student, this is a valuable teaching tool.

Table of Contents:

Catalog: 029156991444
Publisher: Belwin
Composer: Schaum
Pages: 32

Schaum Theory Lessons, Bk. 2

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Manufacturer Part #:  029156991444
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