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Premier Piano Express, Book 2

Premier Piano Express, Book 2

SKU:  1026-00-45287
Manufacturer Part #:  00-45287

Premier Piano Express is designed for students who need a fast-paced approach to piano study. Based on the concepts and music from Premier Piano Course, this All-In-One Accelerated Course integrates Lesson, Theory, Technique, and Performance pages. Book 2 continues the steady development of artistry and keyboard skills that began in Book 1. The book is organized into skills-based units that feature clear explanations of important musical concepts. Worksheets within each unit provide review and strengthen understanding. The included media is available online and features audio performances on acoustic piano, orchestrated accompaniments for selected pieces, and software that allows you to practice in different tempos.

Table of Contents:

Catalog: 00-45287
Publisher: Alfred
Pages: 96

Premier Piano Express, Book 2

SKU:  1026-00-45287^00-45287
Manufacturer Part #:  00-45287
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