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Kala Teak Tri-Top Concert Ukulele w/ Cutaway & EQ

SKU:  7000-KA-TK-C-CE
Manufacturer Part #:  KA-TK-C-CE

The Teak Tri-Top Ukulele Series is a striking addition to our line of affordable ukuleles. Made primarily of Teak—a tropical hardwood that has a very soft brown tone with tight, straight grain patterns and striping—the Tri-Top comes together with a triangular strip of mahogany that runs down the center providing a red or orange contrast against the brown. The stain is so natural it looks like the wood is fresh-cut from the tree. These ukes also feature a sharp, Florentine Cutaway and an active EQ with built-in tuner. Available in Concert and Tenor models.

Model: KA-TK-C-CE
Manufacturer: Kala

Kala Teak Tri-Top Concert Ukulele w/ Cutaway & EQ

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Manufacturer Part #:  KA-TK-C-CE
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