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P. Mauriat P.Mauriat 67R Alto Sax - Cognac

SKU:  ae00-3865
Manufacturer Part #:  PMXA-67RCL

The PMXA-67R Alto Saxophone projects a dark, ringing sound as the result of an enlarged body tube flair, large bell, and rolled tone holes. Described as a very free blowing horn with broad dynamic range, the PMXA-67R comes in a variety of finishes, and features a hand engraved bell. From a resistance-free low range to an effortless altissimo, this instrument is for the player who requires tonal, dynamic, and timbral diversity.

Model: PMXA-67RCL
Manufacturer: P. Mauriat

P. Mauriat P.Mauriat 67R Alto Sax - Cognac

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SKU:  ae00-3865^PMXA-67RCL
Manufacturer Part #:  PMXA-67RCL
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Price: $3,679.00

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