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ProTec Flute and Piccolo Combo Case

SKU:  ae00-4012
Manufacturer Part #:  BM308PICC

The Protec Micro Zip case is our answer to minimalism! The sleek, micro-sized profile allows you to slip it into a bag without being intrusive (we're looking at you, multi-instrumentalists!). Don't be fooled by its size though - this case packs a serious punch in the protection department.

Fits most B & C foot flutes, and most metal and wood piccolos.

Model: BM308PICC
Manufacturer: ProTec

ProTec Flute and Piccolo Combo Case

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SKU:  ae00-4012^BM308PICC
Manufacturer Part #:  BM308PICC
Weight:  0.00
Price: $109.00

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