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Theo Wanne SLANT SIG 2 Tenor 8

SKU:  ae00-3960
Manufacturer Part #:  SLA-TR8

The Slant Sig mouthpiece is the perfect mouthpiece for students and pros alike. A musician can get the ‘classic’ tenor sound, not worry about inconsistencies that vintage pieces have, or if they are getting the best possible ‘vintage’ design. The SLANT SIG 2 has incorporated all the best design principles of the vintage mouthpieces. The SLANT SIG 2 has even evolved from the SLANT SIG 1 from customer feedback to become the ultimate vintage hard rubber tenor mouthpiece. It has even more projection, fullness and warmth…all at the same time.

Model: SLA-TR8
Manufacturer: Theo Wanne


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SKU:  ae00-3960^SLA-TR8
Manufacturer Part #:  SLA-TR8
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Price: $295.00

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