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Fobes Nova Clarinet Mouthpiece

SKU:  ae00-3956
Manufacturer Part #:  NVA-CL

The NOVA series mouthpieces are professionally finished, hard rubber mouthpieces that produce wonderful results at an affordable price. The popular NOVA Bb clarinet mouthpiece is a custom proprietary mold manufactured at J.J.Babbitt Co. All of the Fobes Bb mouthpieces are hand bored for excellent response and intonation, finished with a CF+ or 3L facing and play tested and adjusted for optimal color and response.

Model: NVA-CL
Manufacturer: Fobes

Fobes Nova Clarinet Mouthpiece

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SKU:  ae00-3956^NVA-CL
Manufacturer Part #:  NVA-CL
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Price: $121.99

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