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Antigua Classic Brass Powerbell Soprano

SKU:  ae00-3934
Manufacturer Part #:  SS4290CB

Professional musicians search for an instrument they can develop a special bond with, one that becomes an extension of themselves. The Antigua SS4290 is the horn to fill that role. Contemporary design, premium materials, impeccable craftsmanship and road-worthy reliability team up to make the SS4290 a classic. From the closely guarded processes of annealing the body, the shape of the bore, the size and placement of the body ribs, to balanced spring tensions, no amount of detail is spared in the making of the SS4290. To enhance the versatility of the SS4290 we include both straight and curved necks, as well as a high G key. To cap it off, the Antigua SS4290 receives exquisite hand engraving.

Model: SS4290CB
Manufacturer: Antigua

Antigua Classic Brass Powerbell Soprano

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SKU:  ae00-3934^SS4290CB
Manufacturer Part #:  SS4290CB
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