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Kala Mahogany Concert Banjo Uke

Kala Mahogany Concert Banjo Uke

SKU:  ae00-3899
Manufacturer Part #:  KA-BNJ-MHG-C

The Natural Mahogany Banjo Concert Ukulele is a creative application of some of the banjo’s beloved characteristics, in true ukulele form!

A new Americana addition for, this model delivers the same "banjolele" charm at a lower price point, with a more overtly rustic look than its Black Maple counterpart. With a twangy tone, mellowed by its nylon strings, this Kala banjolele design is outfitted with a Remo Weatherking® Banjo Head, Natural Mahogany back & sides, a floating bridge, and a custom Banjolele Gig Bag.

Manufacturer: Kala

Kala Mahogany Concert Banjo Uke

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SKU:  ae00-3899^KA-BNJ-MHG-C
Manufacturer Part #:  KA-BNJ-MHG-C
Weight:  0.00
Price: $199.00

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