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Kala Burled Meranti Concert Ukulele

Kala Burled Meranti Concert Ukulele

SKU:  7000-KA-20C
Manufacturer Part #:  KA-20C

Since 2005, Kala’s KA-15S has been the industry standard for entry-level ukulele. The quality, affordability, and simple design of the 15 Series has checked every box for a starter ukulele. For 2020, the KA-20 Series continues this legacy. Distinguished by the etched Polynesian-style Shark Teeth rosette, this ukulele is made of Meranti—a wood with lots of dots, dashes, and speckles with iridescence that highlights the flecked grain. Its natural, satin finish lets the wood be the only focus. These instruments are perfect for learning on, whether in the classroom, practicing at home, or playing an acoustic performance.

Model: KA-20C
Manufacturer: Kala

Kala Burled Meranti Concert Ukulele

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SKU:  7000-KA-20C^KA-20C
Manufacturer Part #:  KA-20C
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