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Drake Dave Sanborn VR Masters

SKU:  ae00-3854
Manufacturer Part #:  DSVRMS8

The mouthpiece features a very immediate response and precise attack, with just the right amount of resistance to develop rich tonal color and allow total freedom of expression. It is exceptionally free blowing and allows the player to employ a complete range of dynamics, from the bottom to the top of the instrument. It is a powerful, projective mouthpiece, with impeccable intonation and a lush core sound. The full, rich sound presented by the Drake Sanborn Signature mouthpiece far surpasses that of other high-baffle, “power mouthpieces”. The Vintage Resin version provides unparalleled playing comfort, incredible projection, evenness of scale and a rich spectrum of tonal characteristics.

Model: DSVRMS8
Manufacturer: Drake

Drake Dave Sanborn VR Masters

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SKU:  ae00-3854^DSVRMS8
Manufacturer Part #:  DSVRMS8
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