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Johannes Gerber - Solo MC Soprano Sax

SKU:  ae00-3853
Manufacturer Part #:  JG-SOLOMC

The Johannes Gerber SOLO MC soprano saxophone mouthpiece features a unique medium chamber design offering the saxophonist freedom of expression, superior intonation, and a sound that is characterized by presence, clarity, and sweetness. Compared to the SOLO LC model, the SOLO MC has a slightly more focused core sound with more presence - a more contemporary soprano sound.

The slight roll-over baffle and straight side-walls transition into a medium sized throat. The chamber design is complimented by the optimized facing specification, resulting in a free-blowing mouthpiece with just enough resistance for ease of articulation and control in the extreme high register.

Manufacturer: Johannes Gerber


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SKU:  ae00-3853^JG-SOLOMC6STAR
Manufacturer Part #:  JG-SOLOMC
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SKU:  ae00-3853^JG-SOLOMC7
Manufacturer Part #:  JG-SOLOMC
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