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Drake Brass Chamber NYJT8

SKU:  ae00-3803
Manufacturer Part #:  BCNYJT8

This manufacturing innovation by Drake Mouthpieces creates a new dimension in tone for the Saxophonist. The Internal Exposed Brass Chamber offers a broader range of overtones than a completely brass mouthpiece or a traditional HR mouthpiece.

There is a new richness in the tone that is created by combining the different densities of these materials – A new dimension in expressive potential to be explored.The Brass Chamber adds approximately 31% to the overall weight of the mouthpiece. The addition of this chamber facilitates additional power, flexibility, and control, as wells as greater ease with the Altissimo register.

Model: BCNYJT8
Manufacturer: Drake

Drake Brass Chamber NYJT8

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SKU:  ae00-3803^BCNYJT8
Manufacturer Part #:  BCNYJT8
Weight:  0.00
Price: $450.00

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