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Drake Bergonzi Presence 7*

SKU:  ae00-3800
Manufacturer Part #:  JBPRES7*

Based on the same essential mouthpiece played by Joe Henderson, the Presence incorporates a “U” shaped chamber with flat side walls. This acoustic design creates a specific feel to the air flow and projects a very substantial core tone. Drake’s design modifications optimize the Presence for larger tip-openings – something that was a challenge for players of the traditional version.

The Bergonzi Presence mouthpiece is made from Drake’s unique and proprietary Vintage Resin material. The exacting design and the specific material produce an unparalleled response, brilliant projection, spot-on intonation and ease of expression.

The Presence presents a huge warm core with plenty of depth. It can be played mellow but still has plenty of pop and liveliness in the sound. The Presence helps facilitate the type of delivery Joe Henderson was famous for.

Model: JBPRES7*
Manufacturer: Drake

Drake Bergonzi Presence 7*

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SKU:  ae00-3800^JBPRES7*
Manufacturer Part #:  JBPRES7*
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