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Yamaha YAS-82ZII Alto Sax

SKU:  1095-YAS-82ZII
Manufacturer Part #:  YAS-82ZII

Custom Eb Alto Sax. The innovative new Custom Z alto saxophone boasts powerful projection and effortless flexibility to help you stand out in the crowd! Brass Alloy annealed body, High F# Key, Metal Pad Resonators, 1-piece Bell, MOP Key Touches, Hand Engraving, AV1 Neck, gold lacquer body and keys.

Model: YAS-82ZII
Manufacturer: Yamaha

Yamaha YAS-82ZII Alto Sax

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SKU:  1095-YAS-82ZII^YAS-82ZII
Manufacturer Part #:  YAS-82ZII
Weight:  15.43

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