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D'Addario Dynatomy Face Shield 10-pack

SKU:  ae00-3683
Manufacturer Part #:  DFSM-1-10

D’Addario proudly supports first responders, front line healthcare workers, and all others who need extra personal protection during the Covid-19 pandemic. These top quality, FDA approved face shields have found their way to individuals across the country who need them most.

This may be a great solution for beginner flute players! Very little air gets by the sheild and teachers can see the embouchure to guide the player. As always, teachers need to make sure any PPE supplies meet their schools requirements.

Model: DFSM-1-10
Manufacturer: D'Addario

D'Addario Dynatomy Face Shield 10-pack

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SKU:  ae00-3683^DFSM-1-10
Manufacturer Part #:  DFSM-1-10
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Price: $35.00

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