Signature Solos, Book 2 [Piano]

Signature Solos, Book 2 [Piano]

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Each collection in the Signature Solos series includes all-new piano solos by favorite Alfred Music composers in a variety of musical styles. Every solo was written for its appealing sound and ability to further the technical and musical growth of the student. These solos can be played either formally in recitals or informally for friends and family! Titles: Midnight Storm (Melody Bober) * Moonlit Waves (Melody Bober) * Pogo Stick (Millie Eben) * Piano Shark! (W. T. Skye Garcia) * My Dog, Caramel (Bernadine Johnson) * Swirling Winds (Gayle Kowalchyk and E. L. Lancaster) * Lights on Broadway (Martha Mier) * Triad Tarantella (Robert D. Vandall).

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Catalog: 00-45048
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Pages: 24

Signature Solos, Book 2 [Piano]

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