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Les Petites Images- Late Elementary

Les Petites Images- Late Elementary

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Manufacturer Part #:  884088069995

Les Petites Images is a perfect introduction to Jennifer Linn's popular intermediate-level book in French style, Les Petites Impressions. Like that book, the seven solos in this easier collection in impressionist style evoke detailed images of the titles. Although these solos are at a late-elementary level, there are quite a few easy-sounds-hard gems in this book that will make those younger students sound very accomplished. Early-intermediate students may also find these pieces very enjoyable to learn or read through. To familiarize students with notation found in Debussy and Ravel, titles have been written in French with English subtitles: expressive instructions are in French as well, and a glossary is provided in the introductory pages. Level: Late-Elementary piano solos (Hal Leonard Student Piano Library Level 3); Keys: F, C; Meters: 4/4, 2/2, 6/8; Range: full staff and leger lines; Note Values: whole notes to eighth notes; Technical features: remains mainly in 5-finger patterns or slightly extended hand poisions; some double thirds; some interlocked h. pos. (R above L in same register), legato pedal, pedal points. Length: 2-4 pages long. Average performance time: 1 minute, 30 seconds. 7 solos: Asteroides (Asteroids) · Hummingbird (L'oiseau-mouche) · Le fin d'hiver (Winter's End) · Le frelon furieux (The Mad Hornet) · Le grand diese blanc (The Great White Sharp) · Tonnerre sur les plaines (Thunder on the Plains) · Voiliers dans le vent (Sailboats in the Wind).

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Catalog: 884088069995
Publisher: H Leonard
Composer: Linn
Pages: 24

Les Petites Images- Late Elementary

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