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Preparing for Kreutzer, Violin Vol. 1

Preparing for Kreutzer, Violin Vol. 1

SKU:  1001-04472570
Manufacturer Part #:  073999725704

This intermediate course of violin study, based on the works of Kayser, Mazas, De Beriot and other masters of the violin repertoire, is published in two volumes and is an introductory course for the famous 42 Etudes or Caprices of Rodolphe Kreutzer. Preparing for Kreutzer, Volume 2 - HL04472580 42 Studies or Caprices (ed. Singer) - HL50253620 42 Studies for Violin (ed. Borciani) - HL50480878 42 Studi (ed. Principe) - HL50093760

Table of Contents:

Catalog: 073999725704
Publisher: H Leonard
Composer: Whistler
Pages: 56

Preparing for Kreutzer, Violin Vol. 1

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Manufacturer Part #:  073999725704
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