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Fresh Beats

Fresh Beats

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This groundbreaking program is a new resource for secondary general music classes, designed to help teachers involve more students in their programs. The book is fully reproducible and includes information and resources to acquaint teachers with hip-hop music and culture, as well as easy-to-use lessons that teach the National Standards for Music Education. The curriculum will engage students while enhancing their musical and critical thinking skills as they learn about the history of hip-hop and its role in society, listen to and critique popular music, write their own rap songs, and learn to compose and perform drumbeats using the accompanying CD. An essential resource for teachers wishing to provide their students with a contemporary, high-quality music education!

Table of Contents:

Catalog: 00-40581
Publisher: Alfred
Pages: 132

Fresh Beats

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SKU:  1026-00-40581^00-40581
Manufacturer Part #:  00-40581
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