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Yamaha PSS-F30 Mini Key Keyboard

SKU:  ae00-2664
Manufacturer Part #:  PSS-F30

Featuring a wide range of beautiful sounds only Yamaha could create, an automatic accompaniment function that exposes the player to different styles of music, a keyboard specifically designed for their smaller hands, and a preset library of famous tunes, the PSS-F30 is full of fun stuff to help in learning to play. When they strike their first note, players light up with excitement. As they experiment more and more, they'll discover beautiful combinations of notes to share with you. They experiment, discover, all the while learning and developing a musical part of their personality. The PSS-F30 is the spark of their creative flame! Powered via USB cable or four AA batteries.

Model: PSS-F30
Manufacturer: Yamaha

Yamaha PSS-F30 Mini Key Keyboard

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SKU:  ae00-2664^PSS-F30
Manufacturer Part #:  PSS-F30
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