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Teach Yourself Fingerpicking Guitar with CD

Teach Yourself Fingerpicking Guitar with CD

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Manufacturer Part #:  69489

Teach Yourself Fingerpicking Guitar with CD by Jared Walker is a step by step approach to playing fingerstyle guitar available from Santorella Publications. As an accomplished Classical guitarist, Jared Walker has pooled all the knowledge he has accumulated over the years and puts it to good use in this exceptional "Teach Yourself" method. Follow this best selling manual and you'll be fingerpicking a fantastic assortment of well known songs in no time. Here is a sample of what you'll learn in this great "Teach Yourself" guide. (Also available in Spanish, "Ensenese Usted Mismo A Puntear La Guitarra". ) Reading Music - Rhythmic Values - Tuning the Guitar - Fingering - Beginning to Play Notes on the Treble Strings - Natural Notes on The Bass Strings - Counting Time - Folk Tune-up - Playing Treble & Bass Together - Right Hand Workout - Two Part Time - Two Parts in 3 - The Point is Counter point - Scales and Keys - Accidentals - The Relative Minor - The Key Signature - Chords and Arpeggios - Chord Positions - Tonic, Sub -dominant and Dominant - Arpeggio Studies with I-IV-V - Slurs(Hammer-on and Pull-off) - Finger Work-out - Pulling the Hammer (Slur Study) - Chromatic Alterations - Walking the Blues - The Melodic Minor Scale - Sharpening the Point - Greensleeves - Subdividing the Beat - The Triplet - Triplet Tune - Amazing Grace - The Dotted Quarter Note - Syncopation - Ragtime.

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Teach Yourself Fingerpicking Guitar with CD

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