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Yamaha SC-02 SessionCake Mixer for Vocals and Instruments

SKU:  ae00-3235
Manufacturer Part #:  SC-02

SessionCake SC-02 adds vocalists, keyboardists, and digital instruments to the SC-01 features mix with XLR and stereo left (mono) and right (Hi-Z) inputs, as well as a GAIN (MIC) control for dynamic microphones. SC-01 Features: No amp, no cabinet, no pedals… just a guitar or bass, some headphones, and SessionCake SC-01 are all you need for intensive individual practice or a full-blown rehearsal or jam session. Connect up to 8 SessionCakes together to create a fully featured mixing system where everyone can create the mix that works for them. Portable, lightweight, battery powered, and equipped with a Hi-Z input, the SC-01 also features an AUX-in port that allows you to use an iOS device as an effector, or play along with your music library.

Model: SC-02
Manufacturer: Yamaha

Yamaha SC-02 SessionCake Mixer for Vocals and Instruments

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SKU:  ae00-3235^SC-02
Manufacturer Part #:  SC-02
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