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Yamaha THR10II 10 Watt Authentic Tube Tone Desktop Amp

SKU:  ae00-2668
Manufacturer Part #:  THR10II

Eminently portable, THR amps run on both AC and battery power, guaranteeing that you’ll sound great no matter where you are. Each of the five THR amps has its own distinctive sound, feel, and tone, with amazingly natural, sought-after tones on tap. From shimmering acoustic tones, soaring leads, crunchy power riffs, to all-out metal mayhem, the THR series has got you covered. Built to ensure that you sound great and play better, THR amps deliver quality audio playback that allows you to practice along with external audio sources in hi-fi sound. When inspiration strikes, the integrated USB port means that you can lay down tracks effortlessly with your bundled copy of the renowned Cubase AI DAW software. For even more flexibility, you can download THR editor, giving you more detailed control of your THR’s tone, effects, and overall sound. Whatever your style, whatever your preference, wherever you are, THR meets the offstage demands of guitarists across the nation and beyond. It's not just an amp, it's a THR. Button Settings- Clean : Rich clean tones from a 6L6 power section with early breakup for incredible jazz, blues and country sounds. Crunch : Low-powered EL84 class-A tube output with bright, clear, dynamic power amp distortion characteristics. Lead : Low-gain preamp section and EL34 power section for rich, controllable distortion with great midrange definition. Brit Hi : EL34s keep the classic British clarity while a higher gain preamp allows you to push the amp into serious distortion. Modern : Ultra high-gain input section combined with 6L6 output section delivers smooth, powerful distortion. Bass : High-power all-tube design for dynamic, driving bass tone. Aco : Electric-acoustic optimized input with mic simulations for natural, clear tone. Flat : Flat response clean input for line sources, tone and effect controls allow shaping of non-guitar sources.

Model: THR10II
Manufacturer: Yamaha

Yamaha THR10II 10 Watt Authentic Tube Tone Desktop Amp

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SKU:  ae00-2668^THR10II
Manufacturer Part #:  THR10II
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