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Yamaha CSF1M - Series Parlor A/E Guitar (2 Colors)

SKU:  ae00-2802
Manufacturer Part #:  CSF1M

Compact body, full-size reverb Compact guitars have a reputation for sounding "weak," but the CSF series features an all-new design that ends this preconception. With a rich, vibrant sound that transcends its size, the CSF series feels great to play and lacks nothing in comparison to many of its larger counterparts. Their compact form makes them easy to carry and allows them to be stored without taking up much space. Try taking a CSF series guitar with you the next time you head out, and see just how enjoyable playing in a natural setting can be. The secret to great resonance The CSF series utilizes newly-designed scalloped bracing that delivers rich, full-bodied resonance comparable to that of a full-size guitar. Additionally, the use of a forward-shifted construction maintains the strength of the body while maximizing the reverberation of the guitar top. All CSF guitars come with a functional, durable hard bag you can sling over your shoulder for easy transport. CSF series guitars are equipped with passive pickups, which allow you to plug in to an amplifier or PA system for high-quality acoustic sound when playing live.

Model: CSF1M
Manufacturer: Yamaha

Crimson Red Bst

In stock
SKU:  ae00-2802^CSF1MCRB
Manufacturer Part #:  CSF1M
Weight:  0.00
Price: $429.99

Translucent Blk

Out of stock
SKU:  ae00-2802^CSF1MTBL
Manufacturer Part #:  CSF1M
Weight:  0.00
Price: $429.99

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