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Kala Nomad Acoustic Electric UBASS

SKU:  ae00-2760
Manufacturer Part #:  UBASS-NOMAD-FS

Like no other bass before it, the Nomad is going to come in and mix things up. Don’t expect the status quo when you pick-up the most affordable bass in the U•BASS® line. Made of Mahogany and stripped down to the bare essentials - this is our no frills approach to U•BASS®. Mahogany is focused, balanced, responsive and punchy for an unabashedly resounding U•BASS. The Nomad U•BASS® is great for learning and gigging - provide yourself with the perfect tool to get started.

Manufacturer: Kala

Kala Nomad Acoustic Electric UBASS

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SKU:  ae00-2760^UBASS-NOMAD-FS
Manufacturer Part #:  UBASS-NOMAD-FS
Weight:  0.00
Price: $199.99

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