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Kala Solid Bamboo Acoustic Electric UBASS

SKU:  ae00-2759
Manufacturer Part #:  UBASS-BMB-FS

Bamboo is the most sustainable choice for musical instruments. Highly renewable, Bamboo regenerates quickly without being replanted—sometimes growing up to three feet per day! The straight grain of this “grass” is actually stronger than most hardwoods. Our Bamboo U•BASS® is beautifully natural-looking with clean lines and bamboo from top to bottom—from the headstock to the fretboard to the saddle. Bamboo provides a bright tone with great volume, harmonics, projection and sustain. The strength of bamboo makes for an extremely durable and resilient U•BASS.

Manufacturer: Kala

Kala Solid Bamboo Acoustic Electric UBASS

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SKU:  ae00-2759^UBASS-BMB-FS
Manufacturer Part #:  UBASS-BMB-FS
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Price: $299.99

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